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Truck Company

The Mechanicstown Fire Department is home to Ladder Company 21, also known as "21 Truck." The ladder company's primary responsibility is to provide entry to the building, ventilate, and search for fire and victims. Elite members of the truck company maintain engine company skills, but specialize in skills specific to ladder company operations. These individuals face unique challenges on the fireground not seen by the engine and rescue companies. Some of these tasks include operating at heights of up to one hundred feet, climbing ladders to multiple stories, using powerful saws, and interior operations without the presence of a hoseline to guide the team out in the event of a problem. In addition, they are the team primarily responsible for locating and removing trapped victims.

The members of Ladder Company 21 are highly trained and skilled members that have demonstrated a willingness and ability to perform some of the most difficult tasks in the fire service.

These members are:

Duty Chief Dominick Guardino
Asst. Chief John Young
Lieutenant Jason Brozdowski
Lieutenant James Dolan
Todd Hicks
Art Mays
David Burlingame
Joe Zerilli
Anthony Rosado

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