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11/4/13 Engine 25, Engine 22, Ladder 21, Automatic alarm with forcible entry.

Posted by [email protected] on November 5, 2013 at 11:40 PM

At approximately 23:30 hours on 11/4, the Mechanicstown Fire Department was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm sounding at a retail store in the Galleria Mall.

Within two minutes of the alarm, Engine 22 / Ladder 21 responded with full crews. Engine 25 responded shortly thereafter.

Upon arrival, L21 chauffeur set the truck up and laddered the building using the aerial device.

Truck company entered the building bound for the store with a keyholder 15 to 20 minutes away.

Truck company observed a light haze in the store and proceeded to the rear door to make entry.

Engine company made their way into the mall.

Engine 25 arrived and layed in from the hydrant to the FDC.

Ladder 21 arrived at the rear door, finding a conventional metal fire door protected by a biometric/keypad key in the knob lock.

21 Irons made entry for the truck crew using conventional methods, and a search commenced.

Engine company stood by at the front door awaiting the truck company.

Ladder 21 crews discovered that a construction fan had blown fine dust into a smoke head which had tripped the alarm and caused the HVAC system to circulate a dusty haze.

Alarm was reset, all crews exited the building.

Crews assisted E25 with the pickup of the 5inch hose used to lay in to the FDC.

Ladder 21, Engine 25, Engine 22 cleared, back in service.

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