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The Mecahnicstown Fire Department operates a large fleet of apparatus, each playing a vital role in fire suppression and rescue.


Engine 120 - 2014 Seagrave Marauder

Engine 20 is the newest addition to Mechanicstown's fleet. It was specifically designed as a multi-role pumper with commercial capabilities, and replaces Engine 25 as the department's first due engine.

-750 Gallon Tank

-1500 GPM Pump

-Ground Ladders

-Ventilation Fans


Engine 122 - 2006 KME

Engine 122 is the department's high capacity engine. With 2000 gallons of water, it boasts increased versatility in the absence of a hydrant. Like Engine 125, 122 is also equipped as a squad. With side and rear dumps, it can also function as a tanker. Additionally, it carries 150 gallons of foam, used for specialty suppression.

-2000 Gallons

-2000GPM Pump

-Hurst Extrication Tools


Engine 118 - 1990 KME

Engine 118 is MECFD's reserve engine. It can be used to fill the role of Engine 125 or 122 when they are out of service for repairs. Built in 1989, it is the department's oldest piece of apparatus.

It can be equipped with any of the equipment carried by Engine 125.

Truck 121 - 2002 KME

21 Truck is the department's platform tower ladder. With it's 100 foot aerial device, it is capable of reaching substantial horizontal and vertical locations. It carries a wide range of equipment needed for forcible entry, ventilation, and conducting searches.

-100 Foot Aerial Ladder

-Numerous Ground Ladders                        Click HERE to learn more about Ladder Company 21

-Ventilation Fans

-300 Gallon Tank

-2000GPM Pump

Rescue 119 - 1994 Saulsbury/Spartan

Rescue 119 is the department's heavy rescue apparatus. It is equipped with a remarkable compliment of rescue equipment, capable of handling motor vehicle extrication, and small scale technical rescue.

- Three Sets of Hurst Extrication Tools
-Paratech Struts
-Inflatable Boat
-Rescue Torch

Rescue 117 - 2007 Kenworth/Morgan

117 is the department's technical rescue unit. It carries an unbelievable amount of specialized equipment and tools, capable of handling rescue assignments such as confined space operations, and building collapses.

Brush Unit 123 - 2006 Ford/KME

123 is the department's brush fire suppression unit. It carries specialized equipment geared towards wildland firefighting.

Fire Police M124 - 2007 GMC/KME

124 is the department's highway control and safety vehicle, operated by members of the Fire Police Division. It carries all of the equipment necessary for traffic control, and can even shut down a road if necessary.

Fire Police M116 - 1994 Dodge

116 is the Fire Police Division's secondary apparatus. It is used in place of 124 when out of service, or to provide extra support as necessary.

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